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    bystander intervention training

Together, we can help end sexual and bias-based violence.

Proper Groove is a community-led 501(c)3 founded to improve responses to victims of assault, promote social norms that reduce the initiation of violence and create empowerment opportunities. The need for flexible and innovative responses focused on the needs of individual communities has never been greater as is the need for a unified, non-partisian response to the violence epidemic.


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Help us advocate for ‘Lauren’s Law’ in Oklahoma. Every person in every state deserves consent and healthy relationship education regardless if they are a potential victim or a potential perpetrator. Show Oklahoma that every state cares about safety by signing here.


Have You or Someone You Know Been Affected by Violence?

If so, you know how painful it is. It is never the victims’ fault. Your contribution helps us increase our reach. Find out more here.

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If you have an interest in fighting street harassment, addressing violence in social settings and establishments, restoring survivors rights’ to be included and protected, or working on policy, we’d like to hear from you!