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Yes All Daughters is our initiative to educate and mobilize community members so they can affect policy on issues that matter to them. Legislation that increases empowerment opportunities for victims and advances violence prevention education is our core focus.

Individuals experience of sexual violence varies. There are cultural impacts that can further isolate the victim. The one thing that is universal is the fact that it is traumatic whether you are from a big city or a big farm. A man who experienced sexual violence at the hands of a trusted clergy member faces challenges that are different than a Native American woman who was victimized by a non-native. When we listen to and understand victims we then come to a place where healing can begin and the necessary changes can be made.

We bring people together from all walks of life to do something about the perpetuation of sexual violence with their vote.

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Current Work

HB1007 will allow for the development of age-appropriate programs on consent and healthy relationship behavior. These programs will teach students about consent and how to recognize and prevent relationship violence, including physical and emotional relationship abuse. It will also address relationship communication skills, emotional health, and accountability. For more information contact

“This bill means that people will become educated on healthy relationships and consent. That brings me peace. It will make people think about what’s right and wrong, and will hopefully begin to normalize what’s right.” – Lauren

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consent training

The most expert research to date shows that education works to reduce the first time perpetration of violence.

Past Work

“Yes All Daughters was a light in a really dark time for me.”


“When I was at my most helpless and hopeless as a parent, Yes All Daughters saved us both.”